Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time is Flying

Wow, its almost March! Kinda...ha I havent written in a long time, because I havent had any time! My life has been hectic! I was basically going from 8am-5pm and then on some nights I have meeting, Life Group or church. Meaning sometimes I dont even start on my homework until 9pm. Which is not at all what Im used to. I love sleep and getting plenty of it, not staying up super late working on homework and then getting up early and doing it all over the next day. I talked to a couple of people, prayed about it and felt like God was saying to take a month off of my internship. Wait, what? Thats the one thing I love about my day, well that and going to bed! I felt like God was saying to stop, not because Im tired of children's ministry, but to stop before I quit everything because I have no strength left at all. I need to take care of myself and spend more time in his presence, so that is my goal this month. Catch up with school, while getting rest physically in my bed and spiritually in God's presence. I am so looking forward to this month! I am expectant to learn and grow greatly this month. I know this month will be a huge game changer and Im so excited! I cant wait to spend time with God this month and just be in his presence!

This is where I am daily...I am so blessed!

One great thing that is happening this semester, starting tomorrow is...Im getting my Baylor ring! 
SIC 'EM!! I am going tomorrow to get all the info so I can talk to my parents before ordering it later this week. The ring ceremony is May 1st and I cant wait to put that gold ring on my finger as proof of all my hard work! Praise the Lord I have made it this far! Just 2 and 1/2 semesters left! Ridiculous!! Well Im excited and nervous, but mainly excited, because I know God holds the plans to my life, so I have nothing to be worried about. Everything will be taken care of!