Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beginning of Summer.

Well I finally have time to post. These last few weeks have been pretty crazy! May started with my ring ceremony where I got the beauty below. I can't believe I have made it this far! I have my family, some great friends, and of course God to thank for getting me here and making it one adventure after another! :) Yes this ring represents all that I have accomplished at Baylor, but I think it means so much more than just my school work and grades. I have grown and changed so much since my freshman year of college and am so excited for what my senior year will hold!

SO proud to wear this beauty!

My mom came to my ceremony!

Love these girls so much!

After I got my ring finals started....I don't actually mind finals because they are all you have to focus on. Sure, a lot rests on the grade you make on your final, but when the only thing you have to focus on is your tests, you should get plenty of studying done, and make a good grade! ha I have studied in the Bobo for the last 3 years and it has done me well so far! I love it because its quiet and no where near as crowded as the library. Plus, when I need a study break there is always someone that works in the Bobo to talk to. I am so thankful for the people who work at Baylor, they really love the students well and want us to succeed. Im glad I have the people in the Bobo to take care of me when I need some help.
Then after finals, I hung out in waco for the rest of the week, being super lazy and watching tons of movies! It was fun to finally hang out with both my roommates and some other friends, and not have anything to worry about! We also had a barbecue with our neighbors and some other TKE guys, which was delish, and followed by a game of golf in the front yard! What a start to my summer!! 

Pajama and Movie night at Bearadise!

Our spontaneous photo shoot!

And we still love each other after 2 years!

Burning all my Spanish work!

Barbecue with the guys! Delish!

Well that wrapped up my year in Waco, I sure am going to miss that place this summer!! I never would have expected me to feel like Waco is more home than Portland, but it for sure is that to me now. Its kinda sad, but basically only my family is in Portland. Portland has changed into a town that I soon won't recognize, while I could get you anywhere in Waco. Crazy what 3 years can do!

But before I could come back to Portland, I had to make a pit stop to College Station to see my best friend walk the stage and graduate from Texas A&M! It's crazy that its time for this! I only have one year left!! AHHHH!! ha Well I was glad to be apart of such a big weekend for Hilary and I am so proud of that girl!

Ready to graduate!

This girl is my best friend since childhood! 

And now I am in Portland, catching up on sleep and spending time with my family and friends, before I am off to Oregon and living a life I could have never imagined! This summer I plan on being a better blogger, either doing weekly posts or daily ones if I can pull it off! Im sure I will have plenty to post about seeing how I will be in a completely new place!! So be looking for a new post next weekend, when I will be in Oregon!!! I cannot wait for this adventure that God has blessed me with!! See you soon friends!