Sunday, April 29, 2012


So I have been putting off posting for two reasons. One is nothing besides school has been going on in my life lately so that would make for a boring post, and two I have been waiting to post once I get my Baylor ring!! I get my ring on Tuesday!!! My mom and best friend are coming into town and I cannot wait! The only problem with this is its finals week... :/ but that means class is over and its one week till summer!!!!

Speaking of summer, I will be in Bend Oregon for TEN weeks this summer!! I cannot wait! In one month from today I will have finished my first day of working with the church!! Gah, I am so ready to be in Bend!! I mean take a look at where I will be spending my summer, you would be excited too!

You would be excited too if this is where you were spending your summer, after spending the last 20 in South Texas, no offense Texas I love you but I dont always love your heat. Anyways, I will be interning under the children's pastor and I am SO SO SO excited! Besides working at the church we will go on fun outings like surfing on the coast or white water rafting! For real?? I can not wait!!

Well thats basically an update on my life. There will be another post soon, but probably not till Im on summer break...which will be in a week!!! Thank goodness because im not sure I could last much longer! Hope everyone had a restful weekend, or at least a fun one!

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