Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer in Texas!

I had an incredible summer in Oregon, but my summer in Texas was pretty quick. Before heading up to Bend, I had a couple weeks, but they were filled with graduations and birthdays. Coming home from Bend I had 2 days to see people, and pack for Waco. The hours in Portland flew by and if I saw anyone if was for a short time period. I am really grateful my family got to come to Bend, because that gave me a whole week with them before I had to go to Waco. 

This has been my life since landing in Texas:

Get to Corpus Saturday afternoon. See as many people as possible, and pack for Waco.

Drew drove me to Walmart in his new car! Scary!

Monday afternoon I headed up to Waco, it took a little longer because of some car problems, but I made it! Tuesday I gave my final presentation for my practicum and made an A in the class! Wednesday and Thursday I moved rooms and set up my new room. 

Friday I headed to Austin to see Mimi and Drew get married which also meant a PALs reunion!! The wedding was so fun, Mimi looked beautiful, and I wore the same dress as the bridesmaids. Yep, you read that right. I was wearing the same dress as the bridesmaids, just in a different color. I got my dress in Portland, Oregon and they got theirs in College Station. Crazy! It was an awesome Zephyr reunion and I am so thankful for those people!

Miss working for these crazy guys!

Sassy PALs!

Cute Roommates!!

Saturday morning we got up, went to Gourdoughs, then explored Austin before splitting up for the evening. Lauren and I headed to Waco, Pamela went to Temple and Sarah went home to Round Rock. 

This place is so good!

Miss Shortcake with grilled strawberries!

Love these people!

I am so thankful for these girls!

Sunday morning we all went to Central in Round Rock and got to worship with Price Hill and see all the awesome, amazing people there including the Frans and Lambert families!! I love that place! We all went to lunch and tried to get caught up on each others lives. I will be making a trip back down there again soon!

That brings us to today, Monday. Welcome Week training started today and right now we have a good task force, but I am waiting to truly count tomorrow. ha but I am excited for one last Welcome Week! Well excited and sad at the same time. I am super pumped for senior year, and super grateful for everyone who has helped me get here. Which is pretty much the people I spent my one week of summer in Texas with! ha 

Well that catches me up on posts!! ha Im excited for Welcome Week and my senior year! 

Have a great week y'all!!!

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