Saturday, November 23, 2013

Summer in November?

One of these days I am going to be caught up on blogging. Maybe. But this summer was too good not to blog about.

This summer started by spending over a month back in Portland! I think that is the longest I have been home since graduating from GP. My mom said its the longest I have been home since the summer before my junior year since athletic training took over my last 2 years of high school...either way I was home for a LONG time! It was nice to have a summer that wasn't jam packed, but I could relax and pretty much do whatever. 
Ashley and Jack got married June 29th and Gabe flew down to be my date! That whole weekend was so fun! Ashley and I have been friends for as long as I can remember so it was a really exciting weekend celebrating her and Jack!

Rehearsal Dinner!

Waiting for the ceremony to start!

Reception time!

The traditional trio picture!

It was such a fun weekend! The morning after the wedding Gabe and I went to church and then drove back to Waco! I have wanted to work with Line Camp (Baylor's incoming freshman summer camp) since I have been at Baylor, but I was already working at Zephyr over the summer. Somehow I was able to work with NSP after graduating and I am so thankful for my experience! It was so much fun welcoming the new students, but also just getting to reflect on my four years at Baylor. 

Learning how to be a part of the line!

Crazy eyes...but this girl is now a Bear!! 

My favorite part of working Line Camp was going to Independence, which is where Baylor started. That was also my favorite part of Line Camp when I was a student. Worshiping at the columns was when I truly realized Baylor was where I was supposed to be. It is only right that my time at Baylor ended with some reflection time in front of those same columns and you can bet there were some tears shed. 

The beautiful columns!!

4 years later! 

Worship at the columns

The reason tears were shed was because I am thankful for every good, bad, easy and hard moment at Baylor. I know there was a purpose for everything. I grew up at Baylor, I traveled to a foreign country while at Baylor, I made many good friends at Baylor and I lost one too. It was the best of times and the worst of times. But really many laughs were had and many tears where shed during my 4 years as a student. I wouldn't change a thing though. God had a reason for it all and as always to Him be the glory.

After Line Camp I headed home to pack my suitcase to go abroad with my family! We were headed to London for a few days before hoping on a cruise and visiting Wales, Ireland and Scotland! 

Welcome to London!

This place was AWESOME!!

The picture does not do it justice!

About to see the Lion King!

AHH!! Take me back!

Lots of connect time with this guy!

A Wales Castle for you!

Legal tagging in Ireland!

And some Scottish ice cream!

An adventure we had in Scotland...

But we made it back to the trusty ship!

Thankful for 2 weeks solid with this guy!

This summer was a breath of fresh air. It was relaxing and full of lots of family time! It was needed. I am so thankful for my family! They have been my constant support and I loved finally getting decent time with them! 

The day after we got back I drove to Waco then the next day I moved into my new house! The relaxation was done as the craziness that is this year started. Antioch Discipleship School, Panther Kids at Woodway Elementary, living with a family and dating! My life has little relaxation time, but I love the season that I am in right now!! 

Have a great day y'all!!!

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