Sunday, January 15, 2012

The first week.

Well I am done with the first week of the Spring semester of my junior year. Crazy! I GET MY BAYLOR RING THIS SEMESTER!!!! This week was tons of fun, seeing friends again after break, finding out Im going to enjoy all of my classes and just being back at Baylor! And yes you read that right, enjoy ALL my classes, even spanish! Surprising, I know, but Im taking Spanish for Christian Ministries so it should be good! This week I also started back up interning at the church, so basically each day Im at school or work from 8-5 each day. I love school and my job, but I just dont know if I am ready for this. Ha I was exhausted by Friday and I tried going to bed "early" each night. I know part of it is just getting used to this routine, but i know I will be welcoming each weekend gratefully this semester! ha

So glad to be back at this beautiful place!

Here is to next week being a four day week and a great semester! I know God has big plans for this semester and I am so ready to be a part of them! Enjoy Martin Luther King Jr day and take care!

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