Monday, January 2, 2012


Today I have been extremely lazy and I just want to talk.

I love coming home, to Portland that is, since I also consider Waco my home. I love spending time with my family and catching up with old friends, but I also miss my roommates and friends in Waco like crazy! The one part about Waco that I dont miss is class...but this semester I am actually looking forward to the classes I am taking...weird. So basically Im ready to head back to Waco, to my lovely roommates, campus and friends! Oh, and hopefully some snow will be coming our way soon!!

My lovely roommates :)

My amazing campus!

Friends since the beginning!

My mom is not super excited about me heading back to Waco Thursday, but I need to get back and get ready for this next semester. Today has been extremely nice, I slept till noon and have been laying around watching football all afternoon. I have some friends I am going to hang out with before I head back, but Wednesday I will be packing my bags and heading back to Wacko Thursday morning.

I love coming home to Portland, but I am loving life up in Waco. I was so ready for Christmas break, but now I am ready to jump back in!

Home in Portland :)

Home in Waco :)

I am so blessed to have two wonderful homes! Home sweet Homes :)

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