Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Beginning

I love reading friends blogs and being able to catch up on their lives, so I have decided to try this thing out. Not sure how I will do or how long it will last but lets give it a try... 

My Christmas break has been a whirlwind. An extremely fun and exciting one, but that brings with it little sleep. My break started with the Zephyr Staff Winter Retreat which was so fun! I love spending time at my favorite place with my favorite people. Its hard to think about spending my summer somewhere else, which is what may be happening this year :( While I had tons of fun and laughed a lot, the last day was the hardest as it was filled with tears. I love that place and if God calls me somewhere else this summer I know I can always go "home" to camp anytime I have the chance. 

Zephyr Staff Love.
After Zephyr we had an early Christmas with my grandma and family in Texas, because this year we spent Christmas in Florida!! I love our normal Christmas at my aunt and uncle's ranch because it is always relaxing, but traveling to Florida and doing something different was a lot of fun! We spent Christmas Eve with my dad's younger brother who we havent seen in 10 years! CRAZY! It was a lot of fun catching up with them! Then we spent Christmas Day and the next 3 days at Universal and Islands of Adventure, which was awesome! They have some great roller coasters and shows and the newest part, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! This was our favorite part of the park, along with everyone else who was there, and we spent the majority of our time in this one section, which was fine with me! The last day we were there is was crazy! There were so many people there, one of the parks closed because it was to capacity! Also the Palmer's, some old family friends who are in the military, came out for the day and it was so good to get to catch up with them. 

Enjoying Butterbeer at Hogwarts!
 Then we flew back to San Antonio just in time for the Baylor bowl game!! SIC 'EM BEARS!! My brother is not a sports fan so my best friend Hilary got his ticket. We caught up with one of my roommates and another friend before the game and walked around the tailgate area before heading into the arena to watch RG3 and the Bears win their 10th game this season with Baylor Nation, and Im sure a lot of the rest of the nation, watching! It wasnt a blow out, but that made it a better game! Since we normally go to San Antonio for New Years we just stayed at the Smith's which made it possible to have some best friend catch up time. I cant believe Hil is about to graduate from A&M! Crazy! New Years Eve came and went, but we had a ton of fun and I am so glad 2012 is here! I know there is a lot in store for this year and I cant wait to see what doors God opens and closes this year as I continue towards his goal! 
My goal this year is to listen to God and be obedient, because I know by myself I will fail, but with God I will prosper and be blessed! 

Ready for the game!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone is going into this year with positivity and excitement for what God has in store for each of our lives! Bring it 2012!

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