Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventure Time.

So this past week as work was a pretty normal week. It's weird to say normal. This is my job and I just finished week 5! Crazy!! We have a flow, we get things down, and we, the interns, are rockin' it!! The one thing I did different this week was do research on apps/programs for an iPad that does a safe, secure check-in, and can run from the iPad only. Linda and Ken, the head pastor, both really want to switch from check-in with paper to check-in with an iPad. So I had a lot of pressure to find the perfect program and hopefully I did well! I found a couple of options that might work, so we shall see what Linda and Ken say...

So after this week I really wanted to get out and do something awesome and fun! So I got a group together who wanted to go hiking out at Tumalo Falls on Saturday. It was definitely an adventure! So we were meeting at the office at 4:15, but at that time it was pouring, POURING down rain!!! Ridiculousness. I wanted to go hiking and see the waterfalls! But I was still in, I had my rain jacket and my Chacos on. I could do it! So we decided to keep on with the plan and head out to Tumalo. By the time we got to the falls it was not raining, and in fact it was SUNNY!!! AWESOME! God wanted us to go hiking!! ha

I'm so glad the weather cooperated and we were able to enjoy the beauty that is central Oregon. I loved getting to spend those hours with 7 awesome people and just talk to them while hiking in God's creation! Enjoy some pictures from our adventure!!

Tumalo Falls!!

Adventure time!!

The girls :)

Under the falls!!

Such a neat view!

Just some driftwood.


Check out that moon!!

Well that was an awesome adventure!! Mom, Dad, and Drew, don't worry we will be going there while ya'll are in town!! I can't wait for ya'll to come see this place! Just 4 more weeks and we will be reunited!! :)

So this summer I am learning to love. This adventure was an awesome time to love on a select few interns, and I loved getting to hike, talk, explore, and eat with these guys and gals! It was a much needed adventure! I loved getting to hear about high school life and after college plans. I must say I plan on going back to Tumalo Falls again and doing some more exploring!!

Have a great week ya'll!!

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