Monday, July 23, 2012


This week we went on our Portland/ Beach Trip!! It was awesome! It was also originally scheduled for the beginning of the summer, but got switched to the end, and I am so glad for that! Since it was week eight we have formed some great friendships so conversations in the car were legit, and not us just getting to know one another. 

So we worked Monday and Tuesday just like regular weeks, and I actually worked Wednesday after my shift at the Kilns. I knocked out 2 Kid Close-Ups and I am pretty dang proud of that! 

Thursday morning we headed out to Portland to explore and hang out/ relax/ eat good food, etc. My group got a lot of exploring done, as well as plenty of eating delish food!

Voodoo donuts!!

Voodoo donut doll, stuffed with raspberry filling!

A whole block of books!
We also shopped at super cute stores, I got a new dress, and we had some amazing ice cream! SO many sweets!!!

On Friday we drove out the coast, hung out at the beach for a few hours, ate some great clam chowder and then drove back to Bend!
Check out the drive to the beach!

The Oregon Coast.

Catching some waves!

Loved the hike to the water!

Haystack rock!

Baylor crew!

Playing with Silas :)


I loved getting to spend so much time with these awesome people! I love the community I have had the opportunity to be in this summer!! We have all changed since the beginning of the summer and it has been awesome to see that! I love these people and they will be missed greatly, but I am so thankful for each and every one of them!!

So even though we packed so much activity with little sleep....I slept for an hour and a half the night in Portland...we decided to pack some more activity into one of our last weekends. So we started off Saturday morning exploring the lava cave!! And Saturday afternoon exploring the ale trail!! There is still so much to do in Bend and I only have 2 weeks left! :(

Coming out of the cave! (Sorry it's blurry)

Sampling some good beer!

Beer and unicycles!! 
Well lets just say I am exhausted after this weekend, but it was awesome!!! I can't believe there are still places to explore after 8 weeks! Well here is to getting as much exploring done as possible in my last few days in Bend. I can't believe we are in week 9 already!!

At the beach we had solitude and one of the major points I am bringing home is this: This summer was to equip me to be more confident in who I am in Christ so when I go home I can face my giants and stand firm in my savior and my God.

Have a great week ya'll!!!

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