Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Oregon Trail.

Well, I've been in Bend for a week and I already have a Saturday afternoon normal: Starbucks and froyo. ha This week has been an incredible week of meeting awesome people, being in a new place and learning all about it, and climbing a rock! 

Let's start with the basic's: Im living with a really sweet family who has twin boys who are almost 6 and a 3-year-old girl. The kids are FULL of energy all day, which can be fun, on somedays. But they are all really sweet and helpful. My favorite moment so far has been when Lucy, the 3-year-old, asked me to read to her before bed the other night. Besides the family being awesome, I get to live in the basement, which can be chilly, but I get this awesome room to myself for the summer!

Pretty great, huh?

Next, Antioch Church. Well the church meets at Bend High, but the office is in the Old Mill District, which is a really neat place.

Bend High...

One view from the office...

How awesome is this??

Now for the internship. This week has really just been about getting to know each other, the staff and the church. We got to hear all of the staff's stories, which was really neat, spent plenty of time just hanging out and asking questions, or just exploring Bend together. I have loved getting to know these people, because we will be sharing life together this summer. Everyone here is awesome and even though we come from different places we have similarities. Im excited for what is going to happen this summer among the interns. So this week, besides just being at the office we have gone to Pilot Butte, had a barbecue at the head pastors house, slacked at Drake Park, and climbed Misery Ridge at Smith Rock!! 

This is Smith Rock.

So Misery Ridge is a trail up Smith Rock, that is only a mile long...basically straight up the rock! It was SO steep! Coming down was almost as hard as going up, well maybe not, but it took some time as well. My asthma wasn't a fan of me climbing, but we made it to the top and I'm so glad I didn't call it quits. Here are some shots from the hike, they aren't quite as awesome as in person, but they are close.

The start of the hike...

On the way up...

the path.

about halfway up!

Chaco pic!

View from the top!


Made it!!

Well climbing Smith Rock was an awesome way to end the first week, and begin the adventure this summer is going to be! It was awesome and I can't wait to go on our next intern outing...white water rafting next week!!

Something I want to end each blog this summer with is a main point God taught me that week. I feel like with the struggle that was hiking up Smith Rock he proved that he is my strength. He is what who has gotten me to this place, and Im going to enjoy it and go on adventures. Whenever it got tough during the hike I would take a break and enjoy the view and realize how awesome this area is and that to fully enjoy God's creation, I needed to get to the top. I can't believe I am in this beautiful area of the US, but while I am here I am going to enjoy every moment, climb whatever is before me and experience all that God created!

Have a great week ya'll!!

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