Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zephyr love.

I am loving this internship and living in Bend Oregon!! But I am missing Zephyr.

Zephyr has been at least a part of my summer since 3rd grade, and then for the last 3 years I have been on staff and LOVED it! So for me to not even be at Zephyr for a week is hard. I am loving making these new friends, but I am missing my Zephyr family like crazy!!! Ugh! They are already on youth camp 2 and they had roasted corn at the first! If I was at Zephyr I would already be tan, but here I have no tan except what I came with :/ 

Anyways this is just me ranting about a place I love and miss! I wish there was some way I could be in Bend and Zephyr at the same time! If only...

The place I love.

We are family!

I love these people!

Zephyr love in Waco!

I miss these people!

I miss this.

This girl and I became best friends here.

This guy.

This ridiculousness...

Oh how I want to go swimming!

This is my supervisor... 

This guy....

This girl...

and my little sis...

If only on this sign was on my drive tomorrow.

Please don't hear that I am not liking this internship, because I am loving it! LOVING IT! I am just really missing Zephyr. The place and the people there have a special place in my heart because we form a special bond during the summers. I know God has me in Bend this summer, but I cant help my love for Zephyr. 

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  1. I know at least one person that is missing you too this summer at Camp Zephyr - be encouraged that your many years at Zephyr have been a huge part of your path to Bend Oregon. Love you.